Welcome to ‘Life with Rebecca’

Welcome to ‘Life with Rebecca’

Hello and welcome! To my little corner of the internet.. where I intend to share a slice of my life, focusing in particular on my pursuit of health and happiness.

As I write this, I’ve just turned 30 and I feel almost completely unsure about what I should do with my life. I’ll admit, not a good opening sentence to a CV, dating profile or memoir. .. but at least an honest starting point for a personal blog.

At university I studied Sports Science, but I realised early on that I was much more interested in general health and wellbeing than understanding the biomechanics of a rugby player. So I threw myself at everything that wasn’t my course, and became swept away in a tide of socials, societies and nights out. I did a lot, sometimes too much, often felt socially uncomfortable and finally hit burnout. Too many plates and not enough time.

When I started working, I felt like I had so much to prove. So much to make up for! This time I threw myself at my work. 12 hour days, most days. House shares with people I didn’t know. Management of people. Presentations and projections. Promotion to promotion. And finally, anxiety, depression, and burnout again.

So I made a hard decision to do something about it. I left my job in summer earlier this year. With the words “biggest mistake of your life” ringing in my ears, I handed over my office keys and the shares I had in the company, and left.

Apparently this is known as a “quarter life crisis”. Right now I’m uncertain about my future. Worried about choosing the wrong path and repeating the same mistakes. Anxious about how best to spend my time.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! I am excited about the possibility of doing something different and more fulfilling. Although I don’t definitively know what that is, I do know I want to live a life that feels like me. Hopefully without unmanageable amounts of stress and anxiety!

This blog is taking you along for that journey. Sharing with you my attempts to keep fit, to become a healthy(ier) version of myself, and to achieve my reality of mental wellbeing and happiness.

Ideas, suggestions and shared experiences are of course welcome. I’m looking forward to it!


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